Wazi009 / Matthias Vogt / Understood
Releasedate: 13.07.2011

  • 01 Understood / click to listen
  • 02 In Days To Come / click to listen
  • 03 In Days To Come (Penner+Muder Remix) / click to listen

Matthias Vogt suprised the Wazi crew with 2 strong contenders for deepness of the year. „Understood“ takes us on a stroll thru summery soundscapes with a wonky bassline reminiscent of early Metro Area and added licks of jazz infused keyboard work from Mr Vogt.

„In Days To Come“ starts with slight skippyness and shows the versatility of Matthias and his years of experience crafting music for the head as well for the floor. Low slung bass drips with sexyness before making way for a love letter to analog machinery in a form of bleepy atmospherics and almost early balearic hooklines. creating a unique piece of music which we are very proud to release on Wazi Wazi.

Penner+Muder take „In Days To Come“ to another level, changing the concept of deep is deep into deep is madness – Adding crazy vocals and a mutilated synth line, modulating it´s way for a breakdown which will get some hands in the air – 110 bpm style. Massive tunes, Massive remix.

Wazi008 / El_Txef_A / Lovely Minds EP
Releasedate: 23.03.2011

  • 01 Lovely Minds feat. Biskonti / click to listen
  • 02 Always Fine / click to listen
  • 03 My People / click to listen
  • 04 Always Fine (Nils Penner Remix) / click to listen
  • 05 My People (Freestyle Man Remix) / click to listen

El_Txef_A is one of the newcomers on the deep house scene, starting his careeer in Basque Country, doing par- ties, running the collective Fiakun label and releasing on labels like Hypercolour and Flumo. Fiakun is currently running hot with their first release „Around Your Neck“ by Fiakun Team with rather excellent remixes from Penner+Muder and Roberto Rodriguez. For the Lovely Minds EP he teams up with vocalist Bisconti to bring some wonderful soulful moments, show- ing his impreccable taste for the deep and musical. Allways Fine takes things a bit more bouncy, still keeping the soulful vibe alive and adding some boogie bass to taste. My People is pure bliss for the Sunday afternoons adding strings and keys for a real groover. As a bonus labelheads Nils Penner & Sasse bring us 2 versions. Nils is tackling Allways Fine in perfect late night tech mode, while Sasse takes his Freestyle Man Remix to dirtier landscapes with a sublime bass.

Wazi007 / Nils Penner / Peanuts EP
Releasedate: 29.12.2010

  • 01 Peanuts / click to listen
  • 02 Rushmore / click to listen
  • 03 Help Yourself / click to listen

Nils Penner goes chunky on Peanuts EP
Wazi Wazi is more and more turning into a musical kaleidoscope of Nils Penner, his earlier EPs have carved an own soundscape onto the deeper dancefloors and turned our label baby into one of the hottest forerunners of Real Deep House in 2010.
In 2011 we start things with Peanuts EP, 3 tracks all so different, yet having the dirty tingled mind of a sweaty dancefloor somewhere in the world.
Peanuts chugs like a pair of hooters on a hot day in Alabama, with a crescendo of cymbals driving the track to Penner Peakhour level.  Where´s the tabasco again? Rushmore pays homage to the Motorcity sound of the 60s, layered vocals playfully filling the room, while added strings tear the soul apart, melancholic yet uplifting! Help Yourself takes a stroll into modern Chitown territory with a sample feast of huge proportions, jetting the closing tune into a frenzy of rolling hihats and low-pass filter action.

Wazi006 / Freestyle Man / Blazin EP
Releasedate: 22.09.2010

  • 01 Blazin / click to listen
  • 02 Take It / click to listen
  • 03 One For Chez / click to listen

Freestyle Man continues his quest of deepness on Wazi Wazi after the excellent Homage EP from Nils Penner.

Hardly suprising he is digging deeper in his recordbag for inspiration and vibeness, this time clearly steering further into his past, building a modern frame around the productions which sound like they could have been from the 90s.

Wazi005 / Nils Penner / Homage EP
Releasedate: 14.07.2010

  • 01 Homage / click to listen
  • 02 Loud And Quiet / click to listen
  • 03 You Need To Know / click to listen

Nils Penner from power duo Penner+Muder is going solo on the 5th release on our small baby Wazi Wazi. Five is the magic number as Nils turns into a serious groove mode with 3 explosively deep House monsters.

Homage takes a nod towards Detroit with its nagging vocal bits and a damn cool piano with the jacking Penner drums giving a nice bump on the floor, be it then early, peak or late hours.

Loud And Quiet continues the journey of sweet and sour, complexity and simplicity. Keys, beats and bass are the main ingredients and even if this formula is well known, the magic sprinkles of vocals and scattered claps turn this one into a Chitown groover.

The EP ends up with You Need To Know, a mellow ride on the F-train to Coney Island Methodist Church on a sunday morning full of mist and high spirits. Echoes of Bobby Konders can be heard on this beautiful piece to end another excellent EP from Nils Penner.

Wazi004 / Freestyle Man / As The Morning Comes
Releasedate: 02.06.2010

  • 01 As The Morning Comes Original / click to listen
  • 02 As The Morning Comes Dub / click to listen
  • 03 Wazi Wazi Theme / click to listen

Freestyle Man is back. After his well received album “The Bottom Line” on Hairy Claw, he’s been busy in the studio, laying out ideas for more EPs to come in the coming months.

Wazi Wazi is proud to have him onboard for another taster of his old school influenced deepness.

We start with “As The Morning Comes” an early NYC house shuffler featuring Nick Chacona on bass, taking the listener on a funk fueled groove with a loose disco edge. The Dub takes a reduced path of beats and bass, keeping the floor nailed for the early morning thang !

“Wazi Wazi Theme” takes a Rehji Burrell approach to all things NYC, think 1992 Nu Groove with a twist with echoed bass and mesmerizing vibes.

Wazi002 / Johnjon / Sink Twice EP
Releasedate: 17.03.2010

  • 01 Who's That / click to listen
  • 02 Sink Twice / click to listen
  • 03 Rapture Of The Deep / click to listen

Wazi Wazi 002 presents John Muder aka Johnjon (from Chopstick &Johnjon /Penner & Muder fame) in late night house mode.

The opener „Who´s That“ combines cut-up female vocals and a reduced yet effective arrangement to create a hypnotic vibe, perfect for introducing the world to the deeper side of this prolific Berlin producer.

„Sink Twice“ keeps the pace moderate with funky sprinkling jazzy keystabs around a bed of afro-influenced percussion and a steady low-end.

Last but not least, „Rapture Of The Deep“ takes us on a stroll into super doped up sub 120 deep house of the highest order, reminiscing of early NYC house Nu Groove style. Raw but with a right touch of soul this is a fine closing track for an excellent EP.

Wazi001 / Nils Penner / Kodachrome EP
Releasedate: 20.01.2010

  • 01 Kodachrome / click to listen
  • 02 False Hope / click to listen
  • 03 Everybody / click to listen

All tracks written and produced by Nils Penner
published by Copyright Control

Wazi Wazi presents on their first release label owner Nils Penner (Known from the rather excellent Penner & Muder releases on Moodmusic with partner in crime John Muder from Baalsaal.)

The EP starts with „Kodachrome“, a prime example of deep house meets detroit techno. A chugging beat combined with the low-slung groove and the stabbing keys creates a modulating monster of a track which peaks around 8 minutes. Definitely one for the deeper connoisseur out there.

„False Hope“ could be inspired by early Presciption material but has it´s own thang and rather updates the feeling of those past times when house music was real. Rhodes lead with heavy bass and modulating synthstabs.

Finally „Everybody“ does a mighty job ending the EP by bringing in some more mighty Rhodes action combined with a skippy beat and fine vocals snippery.