Well, at first there was the love for deep house music no matter what. Starting early this century with releases from labels like Stir15, early Moon Harbour, Forcetracks and some more. Then, over the years came the ability and possibility to work on own material. Somehow totally unthinkable without a real studio back in the days. And still we know and respect that old analog gear will always garantuee a warmer, deeper sound and vinyl will always be the better way to release it. But what is the alternative when you simply don’t have the space and cannot afford such gear, a studio and to produce vinyl these days? Simply not make music?

No. We decided if there is a chance to do what you always wanted to do, do it. So we are digital and try to publish our music this way, doing the best we can make it sound warm and deep. This is about making what we love so we are sure this comes through even digitally. We hope you like what your hear … Wazi Wazi is suaheli for “Open Minded”.